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CE,GS,ROHS,CCC & CQCAll Certified !China Measuring Tools/Instrument Leading Manufacturer and Sold well all over the world 198 countriesGolden Supplier !

Research & Development:

research & development

Sellwell Measuring Meters Manufacturing Limited Co.with our excellent technique, perfect quality and fashion design, with the well-known reputation in the world, succeed to our predominance, coming out the series of characteristic products and satisfying the OEM/ODM service demand for our clients. We assure you of our best service to meet higher and more requirements of you. Under the hard work from our team of the outstanding person, we'd like to face the challenge. Please feel free to let us know your idea and thought to appearance, function and configuration of the machine you need. Trust us and satisfy you!

We are installing water meters for our customers Since 1990 . Having a meter means you pay only for the water you use and puts you in control of your bill.

We believe water metering is the fairest way to charge for water, and the overwhelming majority of our customers agree. all new homes have been fitted with a water meter and 40 per cent of our customers are already metered.

Metering is important for the environment and our living life.We are committed to build an friendly and harmonious environment through our hard work.