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Prepaid Three-phase Energy Meter ISM-027

General Introduction
Three-phase Energy Meter adopts advanced RF card and SMT techniques, with double display, accurate measurement, great stability and security, reliable performance, low energy consumption and easy to install.
One meter with one IC card for one consumer, use power only by IC card. When purchased power is used up, it will cut power automatically stop power supply.

GB/T18460-2001 Prepaid Energy Meter
GB/T 17215.321-2008 Grade A and Grade B Static AC Active Energy Meter
Main functions
1. Prepaid: it will automatically cut power when the purchased power is used up.
2. The way of power cut: by controlling switch (inside or outside).
3. Storage function: data in the meter can be kept for 10 years when there is no power.
4. Display: double display, digital wheel records the accumulated quantity of used electric power; LED displayer shows the remaining power quantity and other information.
Technique Specifications


Prepaid Three-phase Energy Meter
Accuracy Class
3 х 220/380 V
3×1.5(6)A 3×2.5(10)A 3×5(20)A 3×10(40)A
3×15(60)A 3×20(80)A 3×30(100)A 3×30(120)A 
Meter Constant
6400imp/kWh 1600imp/kWh 800imp/kWh
Operating Temperature
Power Consumption


ISM-027---Three-phase three line, inside switch
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