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Prepaid Single-phase Energy Meter ISM-022

General Introduction

Prepaid Single-phase Energy Meter offers many features to public utilities and has two types: Contact IC Card & Contactless IC Card energy meter.

The main difference of those two energy meters is that Contactless IC card energy meter is more advanced, water proof, dust proof and anti-attack.  


GB/T17215.321-2008 Grade A and Grade B Static AC Active Energy Meter

GB/T18460-2001 Prepaid Energy Meter


1. Double display by mechanical wheel and LED, more accurate and avoid dispute between Power Company and clients.

2. Adopted chips from American Microchip and ATMEL Corporation, which can guarantee the quality of product. More safe, reliable and offer/secure solid operation.

3. One IC card registers one meter, no interchangeability.

4. Wireless transmission between meter and IC card, easy to use, more quick and convenient.

5. In case of reverse connection, meter still records the used electricity to prevent illegal use.

6. The IC card writer-reader can work independently or connect with computer.

 Technique Specifications 


Prepaid Single-phase Energy Meter

Accuracy Class



2.5(10) A  5(20) A    10(40) A  15(60) A  20(80) A

Meter Constant

3200imp/kWh  1600imp/kWh,





Power Consumption


Working Temperature



≤ 85%(+25℃)

Data Storage

10 years storage even if no power

IC Card Service Life

Contact IC card---50,000 times



Favorable Reviews from Clients

Lower failure rate, reliable operation and advanced technology

Anti-attack and prevent power stealing and illegal use

High quality and no need of complex maintenance

Most satisfied prepaid energy meter by Power Companies


How to Use

1. Customer shall go to appointed fee-charge center and get an IC card after open his account

by IC card reader&writer under the support of smart meter management software.

2. Customer pays for electric power firstly, and relevant data of purchased electric power and customer’s information has been written into IC card through the software and IC card reader -writer.

3. Customer swipes his IC card on the induction area of meter and information in the IC card is automatically written into energy meter to activate meter to start power supply.

4. When there is only 100kWh left (set in advance), energy meter will alarm by showing present kWh on LCD/LED and when there is only 20kWh left (50kWh for three-phase energy meter), the energy meter will be power off automatically. Customer can use the left 20kWh by swiping the IC card again, power will resume again and when it is used up, the user shall buy electric power again.


ISM-022---contact IC card, double display

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