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Contactless IC Card Ultrasonic Heat Energy Meter ISM-036

General Introduction

ISM-036 smart prepaid ultrasonic heat meter is a kind of instrument used to measure and display the released heat power when the heat-carrying liquid pass through the heat exchange system. It consists of flow sensor, microprocessor and matched pair temperature sensor. The microprocessor gets the flow signal through flow sensor and the signal of water temperature at the entrance and exit from the temperature measuring circuit, and then calculates released heat by the heat-carrying liquid according to the standard heat calculation formula.

ISM-036 has prepaid function and with the supporting of Smart Meter Management System, it provides a new way of heat power management. It provides many benefits to both heat power companies and end users, including guaranteed payment and arrears collection, extensive management tools through detailed report functionality and the ability for customers to manage their consumption more easily.
ISM-036is designed and developed on the reference of the European Standard EN1434 and OIML-R75 International Standard, and has high performance and low energy consumption, and in line with the product standard of CJ128-2007 Heat meter issued by Ministry of Construction of China.
1. Alarms when voltage is low.
2. Automatic data correction technology.
3. Alarms when the temperature sensor is disconnected or has a short cut.
4. High definition and wide temperature LCD display.
5. Float E-ball valve technique.
6. Flow rate has 8 levels and are separately adjusted, with high precision.
7. Intelligent blockage resistant and valve rust remove technology
8. Alarms by closing the valve when remaining heat power is on limiting level
9. Automatically valve testing technology
10. Ultra-low energy consumption (static power consumption is less than 7μA).
11. The tube adopts forging technology and with straight-through body.
12. Measuring mechanism has no moving parts and no wear and tear forever. The measuring accuracy will not be influenced by using period.
13. Optical interface, long distance communication, can read meter by PDA.
14. M-BUS communication.
15. All-In-One technique, one IC card to manage all the meters in house.
Technique Specifications


Flow Sensor
Common Flow Rate
Min Flow Rate
Max Flow Rate
6000 L/h
120 L/h
12000 L/h
Minimum display of flow rate: 0.01m3 (working status) 0.00001m3 (testing status)
Minimum display of heat power:1kWh(working status) 0.001kWh(testing status)
Temperature Sensor
Min Temperature Difference
1 or 3℃
Max Temperature Difference
Min Display Temperature
Static Working Current
< 7μA
Battery Service Life
> 5 years
Digit Number of LCD
8 numbers
Max Accumulated Working Time
4.2x109 hours (only final 8 numbers can be displayed
when accumulated working time is more than 99999999 hours)
Max Accumulated Flow Rate
4.2x109 m3 (only final 8 numbers can be displayed when accumulated
flow rate is more than 999999.99 m3 )
Class 2
Pressure Resistance
Loss of Pressure
Working Status Indicator
Twinkling of     on the top left corner of the LCD
Alarm Value
Mini purchased heat power


ISM-036---measure by heat power unit, DN20/25/32
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